How to Play Game of Life Lottery Ticket

How to Play Game of Life Lottery Ticket Based on the Board Game with the Same Name, How to Play GAME OF LIFE Lottery Ticket offers three top prizes of $200,000. Each $10 THE GAME OF LIFE Scratch-Off Game contains two play areas; YOUR SPINS with six individual “numbers,” and THE GAME OF LIFE with 26 separate spaces labeled. Each YOUR SPIN number must be scratched off sequentially starting at SPIN 1 until all 26 spaces (such as “START CAREER”) have been crossed off. If a prize box has appeared after landing on one YOUR SPIN number scratch only that space in order to reveal its amount!

Westmoreland County resident Janelle Ruff won $1,000 per week for life on a Game of Life lottery ticket purchased at Giant Eagle in Armstrong. Watch as her excitement was evident!