Does Fidelity Offer Forex Trading?

Forex trading involves buying and selling currency pairs. The goal is to profit by exploiting differences in exchange rates between two currencies and making predictions based on fundamental and technical analysis, with fundamental analysis providing predictions for future trends and technical analysis providing forecasts. Though forex trading can be lucrative, its risks should not be […]

Are All Video Poker Machines the Same?

Although traditional slot machines and video poker machines share several similarities, there are also some key distinctions. Where slot machines can be enjoyed without knowledge of poker strategy or an advanced level understanding, video poker requires at least basic strategies to navigate successfully and can prove far more lucrative when played correctly than its slot […]

New Jersey Lottery Game Changers

The New Jersey Lottery is the sole provider of games offering the chance to win big prizes. Offering scratch-off games, draw-type games and Powerball, tickets may be purchased online, in stores and New Jersey gas stations. All winnings from lottery participation are taxed by the state while money raised goes toward supporting public schools and […]

Hot Lotto – Are They Stopping the Lotto Game?

Hot Lotto was unique among lottery games in that it offered not only a guaranteed minimum jackpot but also the Sizzler option whereby players paid an additional dollar to increase the chances of claiming any non-jackpot prize they might win threefold. Furthermore, Hot Lotto was one of only few that offered pay outs on a […]

How to Program a Forex Robot

Forex trading can be an exciting business venture, yet can also be time consuming as you must monitor currency market developments and global economic news. Robots can help automate your trading activities to save time and effort – though creating one successfully requires extensive knowledge of trading strategies, programming languages, risk management principles, testing and […]

Is Poker Gambling Or a Game of Skill Or Chance?

Long since, people have discussed whether poker is more of a game of skill or luck. Some believe luck plays more of a role, while others consider both factors equally essential to being successful at poker tables. As everyone’s perception and experiences differs with this game, each individual may view things differently when considering this […]

Is Forex Trading Legitimate?

Forex trading, the world’s largest financial market, allows investors to buy and sell currency pairs as an investment vehicle. Although forex trading offers considerable potential returns, as with all investments it entails certain risks that must be managed accordingly if traders wish to stay safe from potential scammers. Here are a few steps traders can […]

What Is the Best Forex Trading Platform?

Before opening an account with any prospective Forex broker, be sure to thoroughly research their tradable assets. Check if they offer oil and gas futures contracts as well as cryptocurrency markets as CFDs before opening an account with them. eToro offers an all-around trading solution, ideal for both novice and more seasoned traders alike. Its […]